• Insured 1
  • Up to maximum of 8 insureds

  • This nationality is on the list of sanctioned countries. The insurer reserve the right to verify if the primary applicant or the dependents appear on any database of the CONSOLIDATED LIST OF FINANCIAL SANCTIONS TARGETS.

  • Country of your nationality stated in your passport

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    Expatline can be applied and valid in Switzerland only if you are a staff of an NGO, an International Organisation, a Missions or Embassy, Cern MPA and holding a valid legitimation card. Check your eligibility here.

  • The country where you have your permanent residency

  • The preferred start date of your insurance cover

  • Insured 1
  • Amount of expenses that must be paid out of the pocket for any expenses during the insurance year

  • The core plan is the minimum mandatory plan that includes benefits, repatriation, assistance 24/7

  • Price
  • Maternity benefits covers pre and post natal treatments inclusive delivery

  • Price
  • Outpatient plans covers treatments by general practitioners,specialists, medication

  • Price
  • Treatments by a dentist, filling, orthodentics

  • Any medical condition that you had before applying for insurance will not be covered

    (-5% reduction)

  • Total for all insureds

  • Annual premium
    • $ Incl. applicable discounts
  • Semester premium
    • $
  • Quarterly premium
    • $
  • Get your biometric card from out partner Swiss Med Bank?
    ( 99 per person, billed separately )

    • Total price for all insureds

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Insured 1
  1. What are your usual height, weight?
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    Weight: kg
    Calculated BMI

  2. What is your daily consumption of alcohol and/or tobacco?
    Alcohol: dl / day
    Tobacco: nr / day
  3. During the past 10 years, have you had heart or circulatory disorders e.g. chest pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, vascular disease, coronary artery disease, angina, irregular heartbeat, aneurysm or heart murmur.
  4. Does your present state of health prevent you from performing your full time profession?
  5. Have you undergone or been advised to undergo dental treatment or surgery, other than for the extraction of the appendix, tonsils or adenoids?
  6. During the past 5 years, have you been prescribed sick leave or a medical treatment exceeding 2 weeks?
  7. Have you received care or undergone tests during the past 5 years which have led to stay in a medical establishment (hospital, clinic, convalescent home, physiotherapy, dietary needs or treatment centre, sanatorium...)?
  8. During the past 10 years have you experienced any of the following: neurological or psychological illness (including depression), rheumatism (affecting the vertebrae), cancer, leukaemia or other blood related illness, or have you had any other medical problems not mentioned on the questionnaire?
  9. Do you plan to get hospitalized in the upcoming 12 months?
  10. Have you had a screening for the AIDS, hepatitis virus or for one of the human immunodeficiency viruses?
  11. Have you had any after-effects resulting from an accident or illness?
  12. Do you suffer from a disability or are you entitled to a disablement pension (civilian or military) or old age pension?
  13. Have you ever been accepted on special conditions or refused accident, health and/or life insurance?
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    Expatline International

    Total price for the first year of insurance


  • You will receive an information email with the quotation and terms and conditions at

  • You are applying for

    Expatline International

    Total price for the first year of insurance


  • Select your payment installment

  • Select your method of payment

    +3.5% credit card fees
  • Preference of receiving your insurance policy

    • by email

      Swisscare will pay a contribution of CHF 8 to his charity organisation

      • Insurance policy
      • Insurance terms & conditions
      • Insurance claim form
      • Insurance card (via post)
    • by post

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      • Insurance card
      • Insurance policy
      • Insurance terms & conditions
      • Insurance claim form
      • Insurance e-wallet
  • An invoice will be sent to you per e-mail once your application is confirmed by SWISSCARE.

    In all case, all your documents are available in your Swisscare customer account.

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